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Integrated GeoPlanning Sdn. Bhd. (IGP)is a multi-disciplinary, high technology company concentrating in the field of Planning and Earth Science, GIS, GPS, Integrated Solution, Information Technologies and related High Resolution Imagery services. IGP are diversified, multidisciplinary organization with high technology products and services for Planning, Geographic Information System, and Mapping industries with specialization in the Planning Consultant and GIS based application system.

We have experienced tremendous growth since our inception in 1999. Our strategic partnerships and alliances companies that are recognized as leaders in their respective fields of specialization enables us to offer a wide variety of products and services in the Planning and Geographic Information System such as Geodata Conversion, Collection and Processing, Geodatabase Development, 3D/UAV Image Visualization, Mapping, and Information Extraction. We also provide consultancy in every level of solution development; planning, design and implementation, of custom or enterprise level GIS solution that supports spatial data analysis and decision making needs. We are continuously establishing solid relationship with our partners and creating a network that is capable of providing solutions for the most demanding and complex requirements.

Over the years, we have developed a pool of experienced engineers, specialists and consultants who are expert in their related fields. Together, they form an important asset of the Company. With our existing wealth of skills, experiences, support from our partners, together with management know-how we are always deliver and implement projects that were entrusted to us, even with the most diverse and complex projects. IGP sees many new challenges and feels a sense of excitement that is part of the changes to come. Planning and its technology will continue to advance at a more accelerated pace than that of tomorrow. Our mission is to continue to deliver the latest technology in offering to our clients.


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